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GNAT Introduces Call Packages For Members; Read More



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Registered beneficiaries of the unprecedented monthly GNAT Staff Bundle offer will have the opportunity to make free phone calls to other beneficiaries as stated in their notice.

The new phone call packages come on the back of several requests received from the data bundle beneficiaries.

The package is being rolled out in April 2023. Existing beneficiaries will be enrolled automatically onto the call package in batches, after which they can choose their preferred call package.

Meanwhile, GNAT has also increased the price of the monthly data bundle offer and also deleted some beneficiaries from their database for not buying bundles since December 2022.

However, there are terms and conditions attached to the free call packages. Read the terms below :

Key benefits of the packages

Heavily discounted call rates.

Free unlimited voice calls to a wider community of colleagues.

How to get onboard

The offer is open to only registered beneficiaries on the Staff bundle offer.

All active beneficiaries will be automatically onboarded in batches at zero cost.

Enrolled beneficiaries will receive an SMS, alerting them that they have been onboarded and can, therefore, proceed to purchase their preferred bundles anytime they wish through a short code.

All other details will be shared with enrolled beneficiaries upon successful onboarding.


All beneficiaries who failed to make, at least, one request between January and March have been deleted from the database, per the terms of the offer.

Existing beneficiaries are, by this, urged to educate new colleagues who wish to become beneficiaries of the offer and further advise them to note the terms of the offer before signing up.


Communication on the main Telegram chat platform will, from April, be limited
to “Admin-only posts.

All updates and notices on our offers will be posted periodically by the Administrator periodically for beneficiaries on the platform to access or read and take note


Effective, April 2023, the 10 GB and 20 GB bundles can be accessed at GHC 27 and GHC 54 respectively.

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