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GNAT Charges Parliament To Increase Maternity Leave For Female Teachers



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The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Prospect Takyi has charged parliamentarians to consider extending the three months maternity leave for female government workers, especially teachers.

Speaking at the 90th anniversary ceremony held in the Ashanti Region yesterday, the chairman of the largest teacher union in Ghana noted that female teachers are forced to return to the classroom after three months of maternity leave. He noted that nursing mothers are unable to deliver lessons to pupils because they are not emotionally and psychologically prepared for the class, knowing her baby needs her at home.

He continued that since the Ghana Health Service has been advocating for six months exclusive breastfeeding for newborns, there is the need for parliamentarians to consider extending the maternity leave period for teachers.

Mr. Takyi stated that nursing mothers in the Ghana Education Service are expected by their superiors to leave their three months old baby at home and go to school to teach. He also noted that female teachers who take their newborns to school are penalized for breaching GES code of conduct by their Circuit Supervisors.

However, according to the Regional Chairman, the Ghana Education Service’s code of conduct states that a child of school going age should not be seen in the classroom by the teacher, but the chairman reasoned that a-three -month old baby is not mature enough to be admitted in school if we are to go by such rule.

“… many authorities think that after maternity leave, don’t bring your baby to school. But let me ask this question, after the 90 days is the child matured to be of school going age?” He asked.

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