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Ghana’s Teacher Licensure certificate has international Recognition – NTC Registrar

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The Registrar of the National Teaching Council of Ghana, Dr. Christian Addai-Poku, announced that Ghana’s teacher license is internationally recognized, matching standards comparable to the UK. Ghana joins South Africa, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe in this accolade, enhancing opportunities for Ghanaian teachers to teach abroad. He emphasized the need for maintaining these high standards for future benefits.

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The Registrar of National Teaching Council (NTC), Dr. Christian Addai-Poku has revealed the license of teachers in Ghana has gained international recognition.

Currently, Dr Addai-Poku says Ghana is part of four African Countries whose teaching license system matches the standard which can be compared to the United Kingdom (UK).

The four African countries he pointed out are Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

He disclosed this in an interview with Adom News, stating that due to the decent and professional nature of the NTC, a delegation from UK came to access the license system.

Thereby teachers from Ghana and the other countries after been certified with their respective license qualify to teach in the UK.

According to Dr. Addai-Poku some countries come to Ghana to learn the teaching license system, adding Ghana has progressed tremendously even though others started way us.

He has therefore called on Ghanaians to ensure they maintain the standard of teaching which will be beneficial for generations.


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