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Ghana Police To Provide Security For Fix The Country Demo



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The Ghana Police Service has disclosed that its outfit is poised to provide the necessary security for the safety of the planned procession of members of the fixthecountry movement. The procession is slated to take place on Wednesday 4th August 2021 in some principal streets of the city.

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In addition, the Ghana Police Service revealed that the
Police administration held a meeting with the Conveners at the Police Headquarters, Accra on 19th July 2021.

In the meeting, all matters relating to the demonstration was discussed and agreed, including the routes and COVID-19 protocols.

Earlier on 25th June 2021, the conveners of the fix the country won a court case at the Accra High Court in a case against the Ghana Police Service at the Accra High Court.

The police had restricted the conveners from organizing their planned demonstration, which was to take place on May 9,2021.

The Police explained in a press statement that the demonstration could not take off because of Covid-19 restrictions. The restraining order followed an affidavit filed by the Ghana Police Service against protesters of the Fix The Country Ghana campaign pursuant to Section 1(6) of tune public order Act 1994 (491).

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“Fix The Country” now Fix The Country Ghana hashtag was created by some social media influencers particularly on Twitter on May 3, 2021. The hashtag has been trending mostly on Twitter both locally and internationally. The hashtag had over 400k tweets on Twitter alone. The campaign is a wake-up call on Ghanaian politicians to address the critical problems burdening the Ghanaian populace on all the sectors of the economy.

After several back and forth, the court ruled in favour of the fix the country campaigners, granting them the right to exercise their constitutional rights stipulated in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana embodying the practice of rule of law.

The yet-to-be held demonstration is a wake-up call on politicians to fix Ghana’s many problems surrounding all the sectors of the economy.

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