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Four Common Myths About Cheating



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Let us look at some common myths people believe about cheating. These are perceptions most people have about which group if people are most likely to cheat in a romantic relationship. I am sure you reading this has yours too. The following are perceptions people have about cheating.

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Myth no. 1: It is mainly men who cheat

This is one common perception that men cheat more in a relationship than women. Any proof? The truth of the matter is, research shows that women in their twenties and thirties have about the same amount of affairs as men of the same age. Surprisingly, around 50% of all affairs by women are with a person in the workplace.

Myth no. 2: There is a cheater profile.

People have the notion that, male celebrities, commercial drivers, security personnel, handsome and rich guys are likely to cheat more in a relationship. Unfortunately, anyone is susceptible to committing an affair given the right circumstances. Similarly, a lot of people cheat without having any initial intentions of doing them. However, for women, it is intentionally planned whereas the men see it as an opportunity.

Myth no. 3: A man cheats when he is not happy at home

A man does not necessarily cheat because he is not happy at home. The reason is that, the more emotional distance you develop between you and your partner, the greater the chance of committing an affair.

Myth no. 4: Long term monogamy leads to an affair

There is this perception that, staying with one person is boring and less exciting. Surprisingly, most people commit an affair during the first two years of marriage. The reason is simple. It is because at the beginning of the marriage, women ask themselves if they married the right partner or made the right choice or if they would have been better off with someone else. It takes at least two years to know someone better.

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