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Enough is Enough: Teachers demand equal opportunities to rise in their rank



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Enough is enough!

We, the dedicated educators of the Ghana Education Service, demand fair and equitable advancement opportunities within our ranks. We deserve the chance to progress beyond Deputy Director and achieve the ranks of Director II and Director I.

Current stagnation at Deputy Director limits our potential and aspirations. We yearn for better financial security, improved pension benefits, and enhanced socio-economic well-being before retirement.

Look at other institutions like the Police Service – there are many Commissioners of Police (COPs), yet the government selects one as IGP. Similarly, the judiciary boasts numerous Justices, but only one serves as Chief Justice. This demonstrates the flexibility and recognition within their ranks.

We deserve the same!

Deputy Director should not be the final stop on our career path. We demand opportunities to sit for an Aptitude Test and, upon successful completion, progress to Director II. This will allow us to reach our full potential and contribute even more significantly to the education system.

The vast number of GES personnel makes it impossible for everyone to become a District or Regional Director. Therefore, we advocate for a fair and transparent system of promotion that allows deserving individuals to reach their deserved ranks before retirement.

The current pension system offers inadequate benefits, highlighting the urgency for a change. By actively campaigning for our advancement, we secure our economic future and well-being for our families.

Join the movement!

Spread this message on all union platforms and raise your voice at every opportunity. This is a fight for our collective economic security and a brighter future post-retirement.

After four years as Deputy Director, we demand the opportunity to take an Aptitude Test. Those who pass should be promoted to Director II. Similarly, Director II personnel should have the chance to advance to Director I after three years, based on another successful Aptitude Test.

This is our humble request as GES staff.

Two heads are better than one. Let us unite and advocate for our welfare today, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

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Bricy Boateng is an educationist, blogger, graphic designer, content creator and a digital marketer. He's passionate about matters relating to teachers and the Ghana Education Service(GES). Bricy Boateng is very sociable and very welcoming. Follow me on all major social media channels and let's vibe together!

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