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Efia Odo Was Arrested Because She Said This (Video)



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Efia Odo and fourteen others have been arrested by the Ghana Police at the Accra High Court after the Court dismissed the case against restrictions placed on the Fix The Country demonstration by the police.

What they did/said wrong
Right after the court case, Efia Odo and other key players in the Fix The Country campaign chanted the phrase “We will demonstrate!” in a recorded video shared on social media at the premises of the court.

This did not go well with the Ghana Police, so they resorted to arresting all the coveners numbering fifteen involved in the act. They were made to sit in the police pickup and drove off to the police station.

Granting bail
News coming in from a key player of the Fix The Country campaign says that all the fifteen persons arrested by the Police have been granted bail.

Social media is set ablaze as more netizens are pushing for the fifteen arrested persons to be freed. Several prominent people have added their voice to the hashtag which is trending number one on Twitter.

Ghanaians reactions
Many Ghanaian youth are angered by the sudden arrest of Efia Odo and the others for exercising their constitutional rights enshrined in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana. Many have vented their anger on the government for intentionally trying to stop the FixTheCountry demo.


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