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Did You Know Laughing Every day Can Help You Prevent These Diseases?



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Laughter is one action that brightens our face and makes us forget our troubles and anxiety for a short while. Among the human temperaments, Sanguine are arguable the most cheerful and funny people to be with. This group of people laugh a lot and make themselves happy at all times.

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Laughter comes naturally. We laugh unconsciously when we see or hear something funny or comical. Surprisingly, what will make you laugh can at the same time irritate someone else.

Many people pay money to attend comedy shows in order to laugh. So, comedians are also entitled to make them laugh. A very hard task one can perform is to make the other person laugh.

I know most of us have probably heard of laughter as being a natural medicine. But, do you know why it is so? When you laugh, you set off mechanisms in your body that enhances your physiological and psychological health. Also, laughter boosts the immune system by increasing the number of antibodies in the bloodstream

A story is told of a man named Norman Cousins who was once diagnosed of a very scary disease of the spin called ankylosing spondylitis in the 1960s. His doctors told him he had few days to live. Norman decided to watch comedy movies for some time and was eventually cured of his illness. Surprisingly, he lived for more than two decades longer than expected.

His story should motivate you to laugh as much as you can. Now let us delve into diseases that laughter can help you prevent or treat.

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1. Eczema
Laughter and humor has proven by health experts to improve the condition of people with eczema.

2. Prevents depression
Laughter improves our mood through social interaction and increases the feeling of belongingness. Laughing with family and friends decreases the feeling of being socially isolated and lowers our risk for depression.

3. Prevents Cancer
Laughter induces physiological and biochemical changes in our body that have a potent effect on the development of cancer.

4. Treatment of Insomnia
When you laugh, it causes the body to produce more melatonin, a hormone released by the brain that helps you sleep better. According to research, laughter improves sleep patterns and is an effective treatment for insomnia.

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