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Common Foods Most People Like To Eat In The Afternoon



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In the olden days, prior to colonization, there were many food recipes enjoyed by the Gold Coasters. Some of these foods, we were privileged to eat them, others too, we did not see our parents cooking them.

Our elders say that, a hungry man is an angry man. Hunger can spoil your day. The feeling of hunger hurts so bad that some people complain of headache whenever they are hungry. Doctors advise that, under normal circumstances, humans should eat three times a day.

Ghanaians use the time of the day to decide which food to eat. As many people would like their hot tea in the morning, others also prefer hot kenkey with fish in the morning. Normally, many Ghanaians take in light food in the morning and then the heavy one in the afternoon. This has made some food very common to buy from chops bars and food vendors in our communities. Let us look foods Many Ghanaians eat in the afternoon.

1. Gari and Beans
This food has a funny name common among the men. Most guys call it ‘gcgb3’. A lot of people prefer eating this food in the afternoon because it is heavy and very affordable. This food requires drinking a lot of water after eating it.

2. Fufu
In the afternoon, most people will visit a nearby food joint during break time to buy his fufu and palm nut soup. Although this food is quite expensive relative to beans and gari, it is still the choice of numerous people in the afternoon.

3. Banku
Banku is a heavy food. However, similar to beans and gari, it is very cheap to buy. In many cases, people like the artisans prefer eating this particular food in the afternoon so that it can sustain them throughout their day.

4. Kokonte
This food has been given many funny names by Ghanaians for reasons best known to them. Some funny names include, ‘abeteye’, ‘chris brown’ and face the wall. This food is very affordable and heavy just like banku.

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