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‘Chew & Pour’ Education Does Not Promote Development – Edu Minister



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The Minster for Education, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, has loudly indicated that the era where students memorized contents from cover to cover does not promote national development.

The honorable member of parliament for Bosomtwe Constituency also mentioned that the practice has now become a thing of the past due to the implementation of new policies which eventually eliminate rote learning being experienced in all levels of Education in Ghana.

Speaking in an interview with an Accra-based radio station-Peace FM with Kwame Sefa Kayi, the teaching Minister noted that even though the majority of Ghanaians have at a point indulged in such practice whiles in school, he explained that there are many Ghanaians who could not compete with their classmates in school because they could not ‘Chew and Pour’.

In addition, the Minister realized that the system did not encourage many students to further their education to the highest level because of how the education system has been built even though they were equally intelligent except that the system failed them.


“Those who are very intelligent cannot cope with the practice, thus quit school as a result. Visual Arts students are very intelligent because they can draw portraits of persons”. According to the Education Minister, if such students with these talents and gifts can perform wonderful tasks, then it means they are intelligent.

Dr. Yaw Osei in his ending remarks on the subject of ‘Chew and Pour’ also stated that the new world order is TVETS Education thus, the government making everything possible to compete on the global platform by promoting TVETS in Ghana.

Chew, pour, pass and forget is a common term which connotes the practice of students memorizing knowledge found in textbooks from cover to cover without necessarily understanding what is being recalled to memory and producing from letter to letter in an examination.

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