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BREAKING : UCC Cancels Leaked Quiz Paper For Sandwich Students



Information reaching us to the various sandwich study centers indicates that the quiz paper for the 3-Semester sandwich students have been canceled by the institute after it got leaked on social media platforms some hours to the writing of the paper.

Reports from a student at Accra College of Education study center explained that the Educational Statistics quiz paper was given them to send it home few minutes that the paper was shared. According to the student, the invigilators explained that the paper has been canceled; thus they will write a new one later.

Students from Kibi College of Education study center were asked to go back to their dormitory because they are no longer going to write the quiz paper due to the wild spread of leakage.

The Educational Statistics quiz paper was written today September 8, 2021, at 11:30am — 12:00 noon. The 30-minute paper was written across all the study centers under UCC across the country. However, the exact date to write the new paper is yet to be known. Meanwhile, students will officially end finish writing the quiz paper on Thursday September 2021.

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