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Blame Teachers For Corruption In Ghana — University Lecturer



Professor Samuel Ziggah, a university lecturer at the University of Education, Winneba has boldly alleged that Ghanaian teachers are the cause of corruption in our public space and life.

Explaining his assertion further, the Psychologist believes teachers are partly responsible for bringing up corrupt leaders in the past and present who hold key positions in government agencies and other public offices who continue to mismanage Ghana’s economy.

Mr. Ziggah believes that an ineffective teacher is harmful to any society. He indicated that although the influence of a teacher is not immediate, however, in the long, students who pass through them become a threat to the country.

The psychology lecturer is of the assertion that, Ghana needs competent, skillful and qualified persons as teachers who will instill discipline and produce qualified and skillful individuals to feed the job market.

In citing an example to buttress his point, Mr. Ziggah noted that if an accounting student does not get quality teaching from a qualified teacher, the individual ends up becoming an incompetent professional who would create problems for an organization.


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