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Benefits of Teaching in Public SHS



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Many teachers have been wondering and eagerly seek to know some benefits teachers in the second cycle public institutions enjoy, which is attracting those at the basic school level to go there.

Those with Diploma certificates are eagerly furthering their studies, and eventually secure a teaching appointment in one of the various public senior high schools in Ghana with the hope of being better off. Read on.

Let us admit that when it comes to teaching in either second cycle institutions or basic schools, there are pros and cons. Having said this, there is no cause for alarm that in the educational ladder, the higher you climb, the better your working conditions and benefits enjoyed.

This article is in no way disregarding teachers at the basic level as irrelevant, while projecting their colleagues in the senior high schools as superior.

Then again, they all play important roles in reshaping and refining students to become patriotic and responsible citizens of Ghana.

It is worth noting that if there were better systems in place, it wouldn’t matter whether you are teaching in second cycle or basic level, the benefits would have been very similar if not the same.

The following are some benefits enjoyed by teachers in SHS over those at the basic level. These were stated by some teachers in SHS sighted by Bricy Boateng on Facebook. Enjoy.

Benefits enjoyed by SHS teachers.

Teacher 1

1. Academic interventions.

2. No strict lesson notes.

3. Flexible timetable.

4. Departure anytime you don’t have lesson.

5. No strict closing time.

6. Higher probability of doing MPH IL to lead you to tertiary because of flexible and negotiable timetable.

7. Free Wi-Fi.

Benefits enjoyed by SHS teachers.

Teacher 2

1. A teacher in the SHS with extra duty like form master, housemaster etc. is entitled to responsibility allowance which can make a difference.

2. You will also enjoy responsibility allowance when you are being assigned to extra duty like form master, head of department etc. of which is the same as your head teacher’s additional allowance.

Benefits enjoyed by SHS teachers.

Teacher 3

1. Allowances will be given to you for occupying a position in SHS while JHS, nothing like that.

2. SHS teacher uses lecture method of teaching, while JHS uses all teaching method in the world just to let them understand.

3. SHS teacher go to teach when he/she has class, and they don’t stay on campus until closing, while JHS is vice versa.

4. SHS teacher is being respected and priority is given there than JHS.

5. Most of the SHS are located in cities and towns, while most of the JHS are located at remote areas.

I believe these benefits will guide you to make the right decision on your way forward.

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