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At What Age Is A Man Ready For Marriage?



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This is one of the most difficult yet important questions to pose to any man. Although all men are not the same according to their home bringing, men share many things in common. It is an indisputable fact that, men are physically attracted to women.

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In the olden days, men marry at a relatively younger age. The reason being that, the only way any man could go intimate with the woman he liked was to marry her first. Fornication was rarely done in the open.

In this 21st Century, most men have the opportunity to go intimate with a woman he likes. Some men started having intimacy with girls as far back as in primary school. Hence, marrying at a younger age because of sex is no longer a pressing need for most of the 21st Century gentleman.

So, exactly when is a man ready for marriage? According to research, the today’s man will begin to consider marriage when his testosterone hormone begins to decline. That is around age twenty-seven(27).

From around age 27,a man starts to become more caring and passive because his ratio of female to male hormones begins to change direction. His desire for long term relationship is increased.

Additionally, at age 27, most men begin to save for his wedding day. He does this by reducing his expenses on certain unnecessary things like clubbing, partying, sports betting and drinking beer.

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