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Assistant Registered Nurses Threaten Demonstration Over Delayed Employment



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Eric Kwakye is the National President of aggrieved Assistant Nurses in Ghana who completed school in 2019 but have still not been employed by the Ghana Health Service. He has disclosed that they are going to embark on a demonstration if they do not hear any good news from the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service anytime soon.

Speaking to Ali on Kessben News today, the articulate leader lamented how they have suffered to go to school with so much money spent on their education but only to sit home idle after completing school without any hope of getting recruited into the health service. He explained that although their batch wanted to offer themselves as volunteers in the hospitals after completion, their leaders did not allow them. When through also asked about when they would start their national service or rotation, they told the same thing again.

In spite of this, the president of the group met with the Director of Human Resource to discuss the way forward concerning their recruitment, and They were assured that a financial clearance would be given soon for them to get employed. Unfortunately, the financial clearance was given just recently but for only Degree and Diploma nurses, neglecting the Assistant Nurses.

According to Mr. Kwakye, the Health Ministry and the Ghana Health Service have been unfair to them, and all attempts to reach them have also proved futile. The aggrieved national president revealed that their long stay at home is the reason Ghanaian leaders travel outside to seek medical care whenever they fall sick because they do not trust their health workers here.

However, he fears that their long stay at home could have negative impact on the health sector when they are employed one day because they might forget some important things they learned from their training in school. The group is therefore calling on the government to intervene on the matter and address the issues, otherwise they will go on a nationwide demonstration.

Credit :Kessben News

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