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Assemblyman Fingered In Juaben MCE Bribery Video Has Cleared The Air



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The Assemblyman man seen in the viral video circulating on social media has spoken on Maakye morning show with Omanhene today, November 2, 2021, on Kessben TV.

Hon. Simon Adjei disclosed to the host of the show that he has not collected any money from the Juaben MCE nominee although Mr. Kantanka, the rejected nominee was seen in the one minute thirty-nine seconds video demanding refund from him.

He explained further that, in the marching up to the election, he and his wife had left home to visit their children in Kumasi. While in Kumasi, the rejected MCE called him on his phone that he wanted to present a gift to him in person at home. When asked by the assemblyman what kind of gift he wanted to give to him, the MCE nominee replied that it was a gift he was giving to each of the assemblymen in his area.

But the assemblyman told him he was not around, but the MCE hesitated that he presented the gift. So, Mr. Adjei then directed him to give the said gift to his colleague assemblyman in the area to be collected later. Hon. Adjei noted that his colleague assemblyman informed him on the phone that an envelope from the MCE nominee to him is in his care. Out of curiosity, the Mr. Adjei asked his friend to open the envelope and disclose what was inside,, but he did not.

Fast-forward, Hon. Adjei revealed that he did not even collect the envelope from his colleague even after he had returned to vote in the election. During the interview, the assemblyman was asked if he had ever received any gift from Mr. Kantanka, and he replied no to it.

Furthermore, he was asked if he knew the gift was a bribe to influence his vote, he answered that he never negotiated any amount with the nominee but acknowledged that he thought it was just a gift.

The second time rejected MCE nominee for Juaben in the Ashanti region was seen demanding a refund of bribe paid to some assemblymen after the latter rejected his nomination by the president.

Mr. Alex Kantanka was on camera talking angrily to one of the assemblymen gathered there saying he should pay back his GH¢ 1,000 he collected before the election, but the assemblyman was denying taking any money from him. The Juaben MCE nominee has, however, been arrested by the police and granted bail pending further investigation.

Watch the video below of the interview below

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