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All That You Need To Know about the UCC Off-Campus Teaching Practice Form



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The off-campus online form for placement began on Friday, October 29th, 2021 for both 3 and 5 semester sandwich students. The purpose of the form is to assist the University to place students in the appropriate schools for their off campus segment come next semester.

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After the news broke about the online forms, there has been a little misunderstanding on some questions on the form. These questions may sound ambiguous at first glance, but then upon second thought becomes clear.

Many sandwich students are confused because it is their first time. Respecting this, this post will address some minor issues that students get confused about on the form.

1. Major and minor subjects
3 Semester students are to state their major subject they are studying in the sandwich programme and add any other subject they wish to teach during the teaching practice. For example, if your course is B.ED in ICT, your major subject is ICT and minor subject is say Maths that is, any subjects being taught at the JHS or Basic level that you prefer to teach as your minor.

On the contrary, 5 semester students can state their major and minor subjects based on the course they offer. So, if your programme is B.ED in Economics and Geography, your major is Economics and Minor is Geography.


2. Teachers seeking transfer
We’re told that release letters for interregional transfers will be issued this month. If you happen to apply for release or transfer to a different region or district, choose the school in your current region. However, when your release or transfer is granted by your district, not notify your coordinator.

3. Posting of Newly trained teachers
Students Of the 3 Semester sandwich programme who are newly trained teachers should choose a school from their current region. However, if later you’re posted to a new region, contact your coordinator for it to be changed for you.

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