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All Is Set For #FixTheCountry Demo Tomorrow



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The long awaited #FixTheCountry demonstration is slated to come off tomorrow, August 4,2021, in some principal streets in Accra.

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In a press release sighted online, the conveners of the #fixthecountry protest met with the new IGP and some high-ranking members of the service on Monday, 2nd August 2021. The purpose of the meeting was for the police to assure the FixTheCountry protesters the maximum security right from the beginning to the end of protest.

Additionally, the police agreed that they were not going to deploy the military, but will solely use policemen to provide security. The meeting ended amicably with the police expressing their readiness to protect the protesters against infiltrates.

The protest begins tomorrow, 4th August 2021 at Obra Spot, Circle through to Farisco left–TUC–Kimbo SHS–Centre For National Culture — Independence Square.

Meanwhile, the conveners have outlined precautionary rules to govern the 4th August #FixTheCountry protest. Protesters are obliged to observe the following rules listed below.


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What to Bring

Water and snacks. Make sure you stay fed and hydrated. Bring a water bottle that has a sport top—it’ll double as a squirt bottle for flushing out eyes or wounds, if there are any tear gas used.


Bring enough money in small bills to purchase food, taxi fare or other incidentals.

Your ID. Bring some form of ID and keep it on your body, like in a shoe or pocket.

Emergency contact information

Memorize it and write it down on a note card or on your arm—both a personal contact and the number for help. If you have a medical ID, wear it.

Basic first aid supplies

Carry a few band-aids, painkillers and any important prescription medications you’ll need if you’re out longer than expected.


Your phone

with location services and biometrics turned off. You can use your smartphone to communicate and take photos and videos, but make sure you disable features that will make it easy for you to be tracked or for your device to be unlocked by law enforcement.

A bag (maybe). If you can carry all of your items in pockets, great. Some protests and gatherings may not allow bags, and some organizers recommend clear packs. Check guidelines and recommendations before you head out.

Mask or face coverings. You need to protect yourself from Covid-19. Also, carry a spare mask.

What not to bring

Do not carry weapons, drugs, valuables, or anything you wouldn’t want to lose or be arrested with. Don’t bring more than you need, as it’s best to be able to move freely.

Finally, always, always check with protest organizers about how to prepare, and listen to instructions while you’re on the streets.

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