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80-year old former Education Minister Granted Wish by Court to Marry 30-year Old Lover

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In May 2023, 80-year-old former Education Minister Prof Dominic Fobih successfully married a 30-year-old woman despite attempts by his family to stop the wedding, citing his mental health and existing marriage. The High Court ruled in favor of Fobih, confirming his divorce from his ex-wife and recognizing his right to marry.

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In May 2023, former Education Minister Prof Dominic Fobih, aged 80, made headlines as videos of his marriage to a 30-year-old woman went viral. However, prior to the ceremony, there was an attempt to halt his marriage.

The case against the marriage involved his children, Dr. Nick Fobih, Nicholas Fobih, and ex-wife Beatrice Boateng. They argued in legal proceedings that Prof Fobih, having recently recovered from a stroke, was not in a state to make sound decisions. Additionally, they claimed that he was still married to Beatrice Boateng and that the significant age gap between him and his proposed wife could lead to a messy divorce. They also accused the young woman of engaging in infidelity and of abandoning Prof Fobih when he suffered a stroke.

Prof Fobih refuted the claims, stating that his marriage to Beatrice Boateng had been dissolved in early 2020.

The High Court, presided over by Justice Bernard Bentil, ruled that there was no legal basis to halt the marriage, as both parties were of legal age and capable of understanding the terms of marriage. The court found that Prof Fobih had dissolved his previous marriage and advised him to forgive his family members for their objections.

Justice Bentil emphasized that the court couldn’t dictate what age gap was appropriate in relationships and urged Prof Fobih to extend forgiveness to his family.

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