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8 Health Benefits Of Sleeping In The Afternoon (Nap)



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Many people feel lazy and shy sleeping in the afternoon. Some people have the perception that nap is for babies and lazy adults. However, health experts can attest to the fact that, sleeping in the afternoon for a short period of time is beneficial to your general well-being and productivity at work.

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Sleeping in the afternoon not only satisfies your body but also boosts your memory, keeps you more alert, uplifts your mood and on top of that all, eases your stress.

After knowing the benefits derived from nap, there is no way to feel lazy indulging in afternoon sleep again.During sleep, your body is busily working to support the brain function and maintain your physical health.

Basically, according to health experts, the minimum sleeping time for adults should be eight (8) hours of night sleep and a 30-minute maximum for a nap. Let us delve into the benefits derived from napping.

1. Keeps you alert
Sometimes after taking your lunch, you start to feel sleepy. Do not deny your body the benefits of napping. This is the right time to sleep for some minutes to keep you alert on the job.

2. Eases Stress
Sometimes we get overly stressed due to pressure at work. Napping helps release stress and improves your immune health. Health Experts suggest a 30-minute nap can do the magic.

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3. Good for your heart
Studies show that, people who are able to nap for 45 to 60 minutes had lower blood pressure after going through mental stress.

4. Nap is better than drinking caffeine
I have seen many people especially the youth who try to beat stress and tiredness by drinking energy drink. Also, many students drink coffee tea in order to stay alert for studies.

Dear reader, use a natural therapy to regain your lost strength by napping for at least 10 minutes.

5. Good for people who work for long hours
Health professionals, security men and other workers mostly do not get to sleep for long hours at night due to the demand of their work. Taking a long nap can help you balance your sleep at night.

6. Good for school children
Did you know that, naps are critical for children’s learning and development? Interestingly, school children who nap regularly are better able to recall the things they learn in school than their counterparts.

7. It improves your memory
Sleeping for at least 10 minutes in the afternoon can help you remember things you learnt earlier in the day. In many cases, when you nap, it keeps you from forgetting things like motor skills, sense perception, and verbal recall.

8. Lifts your mood
Once a while you may feel down. The solution is simple. Take a nap for some few minutes and your spirit will be revived.

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