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7 Things That Worry Men



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If you think men do not worry about certain things that women worry about, then you are mistaken. We men also have certain things that we wish we could change. Unlike women, men hide these things from their women and do not let them control their lives.

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Let us look at some of the them.

1. Do I look too young or old?

As men, we also want to look as young as we could. We try enough to look handsome, energetic, attractive and the likes in order to catch a bait.

2. Do I look masculine enough?

In our part of the world, a man who behaves and acts like a woman is labeled gay. Hence, as men, we try as much as we can to build our physique and make ourself look more like a man so that society will not accuse us as being a gay.

3. Am I losing my hair?

We know for sure that most women get attracted to hairy men thus, it is the dream of most men to grow so much hair especially on the face. However, as men grow, their hair growth declines. Men worry when they lose their hair since that will reduce their mating market.

4. Will I be successful?

The desire to be successful in life is of importance to every man. Our hope is to make our future wife and children happy and our parents proud of us. We dream of a luxurious lifestyle in the near future. So ladies, if you see a man sweating under a scorching sun, it is because of his desire to succeed.

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5. Can I satisfy my woman in bed?

The today’s man is driven by this lustful desire to impress his woman. Most men go the extra mile of drinking concoctions and other strange drugs just to increase their sexual prowess.

6. Is my manhood too small?

This is where it gets competitive. Back in boarding house, some guys were afraid to bath in the midst of his colleagues because he feels his thing is small. Some guys go in for all kinds of medicines so that their thing can increase in size. Dear men, do not be pressured. Use what you have like that because you will get your suitor.

7. Will a woman love me the way I am?

I remember back in college, guys who like womanizing borrow our shoes, clothes, watches and others just to impress their women. Some men also brag about things they do not have because they think no woman will love them the way they are. Women, please love us the way we are so that we can stop the borrowing.

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