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6 Ways To Sleep Better



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These days good sleep is hard to get. Many Ghanaians are busy on the street working tirelessly to make ends meet. The street of Accra is busy 24/7. The quest to make money has gone deep into the marrow of our bones. Due to the pressure we go through at home, workplace and school, the mind and body are always busy.

It is no surprise that, many people do not get the time to sleep better at night. Left to some people alone, they would sleep less than 4 hours a day and use the rest to make more money.

Unfortunately, lack of good sleep causes a lot of health problems to us. We end up falling sick and use the money to treat our diseases. Good sleep protects your physical health, mental health, quality of life and safety.

During sleep, your body is busily working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. It is recommended by health experts that, the minimum sleeping time for adults should be eight (7) hours a day. I wonder how many Ghanaians sleep for this long.

The following are six (6) ways to improve your sleep at night.

1. Make a sleeping timetable
Endeavor to plan your sleeping schedule by setting aside at least seven (7) hours for sleep each night.

2. Create an environment where you can sleep better
create a room that is ideal for sleeping. This means setting a cool, dark and quiet place in the absence of any form of entertainment or noise.

3. Check what you eat and drink
Going go to bed hungry or stuffed can affect your sleep. Aside that, avoid eating heavy meals like fufu at night or few hours to bedtime. This can make you feel discomfort and keep you awake.

4. Have less nap
Sleeping for long hours during daytime can interfere with your nighttime sleep. Having at most 30 minutes nap is okay for the day.

5. Go to bed with no worries
Free up your mind by resolving your worries or concerns before bedtime. Make sure you settle any dispute before going to sleep. Alternatively, you can note down what is worrying you and set it aside for the following day.

6. Get busy during the day
Children who play a lot in school or at home eventually get tired and can sleep the whole night. As adults, you can engage in physical activities in your daily routine to promote better sleep at night.

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