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6 Ways To Keep Teachers Mate 1 Laptop Safe



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KA Technologies has manufactured Teachers Mate (TM1) laptops solely for use by teachers in Ghana. More than 100,000 laptops are currently being given to teachers at the basic education level, starting with the junior high school. Teachers should take note that the laptop is not intended to be used for graphic designs, gaming or sophisticated pieces of software since that’s not what it was built to perform ideally. 

Although teachers who have received the laptops are divided about the quality of the laptops meant to be used for teaching and learning in the classroom, the ICT officer of Ghana Education Service in North-East Region has outlined six (6) precautionary ways to keep the customized laptops longer without developing any faults. They are listed below. 

1. The Microsoft Office is a genuine product bought for you with its license key, the cost is more than the Laptop itself and so under no circumstance should it be uninstalled for another one. 

2. The Windows Operating system is equally a genuine one, and so under no circumstance should it be formatted or replaced. 

3. The Windows Operating System is upgradable to Windows 11 if you so wish.


4. In case you encounter a hardware problem with the Laptop, do not be in a haste to open the back case to locate the hardware components, instead report to your District ICT Officer for a resolution of the problem. 

5. Only compatible applications can be installed on the laptop, and so be careful about installation of applications. 

6. The laptop is not a Game machine, and so desist from installing games with higher graphics / resolutions. 

Credit :North-East Regional ICT Officer. 

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