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4 Things A Man Will Do If He Really Loves You



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In this day and age, accessing information is easy and cheap. Knowledge is fast growing that the one who doesn’t read and learn will soon be left behind.

In order not to waste your valuable time and effort in dead relationship, it is your responsibility to seek knowledge and you’ll sure find it.

Do not get overly in love with a man and assume that you are happy even though inwardly you’re not. Motorist use traffic signals to prevent accidents.The same is true for every lady out there in a new or long relationship.

In this article, I will share with you four basic signs a man who is into you will show and do.

1. A Man Will Pursue You If He’s Into You

Even though Ghanaian men are expected to pursue a woman he likes, any man who truly loves and is really into a lady would chase after her;would want to be around her in public, check on her frequently, show her to his friends, social media followers, take you out for dinner, to the cinemas to prove his love for you.

2. He Will Provide For You

It should be made clear here that, dating is not marriage, therefore your man has no obligation to cater for all your needs. However, a man who loves you will show some commitment by helping you solve some of your problems if not all and also assist you financially when in need. He will once in a while surprise you with gifts and spoils you a little when paid his salary.

3. A Man Who Is Seriously Into You Will Profess His Love To You

Depending on one’s cultural orientation, some men are redrawn from professing their love to a woman. Despite that, when a man tells you oftentimes that he loves you, goes ahead to introduce you to his friends as his girlfriend or potential wife, display your picture on his timeline, whatsapp status etc, it’s a sign he really loves you.

4. A Man Into You Will Protect You

Imagine someone using the latest IPhone 12 Pro, how do you think that person will behave around his phone? A man will protect a woman he loves even more than IPhone 12 Pro because he knows your worth. He becomes jealous when the situation is obvious, checks on your diet, encourages you to exercise, criticize your appearance constructively before you step out for a programme just to keep you safe for marriage.

In conclusion, our elders say in Twi that, Sɛ woyɛ odehyeɛ na wonim a, obi de wo yɛ n’akoa. To wit, If you do not know that you’re a royal, someone will exploit you as his slave.

I believe every woman is precious and deserves to be treated as such. A broken relationship is better than a failed marriage.

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