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4 Reasons Why You Should Not Sleep Under Fan At Night



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Many people sleep under a fan at night to avoid the heat that comes at night. Although sleeping under a ceiling or standing fan helps the room to be well ventilated, many people are unaware of its repercussions. Let us look at some disadvantages associated with sleeping under a fan at night

Causes skin dehydration

Sleeping under a fan for long hours at night can lead to skin dehydration. This is as a result of continued presence of rushing air on the skin.

Causes allergies

When a person leaves the fan running for long hours whiles sleeping, the air from the fan can cause the transmission of pollen that causes allergies. It can also cause asthma and hay fever. A fan that is running can easily attract dusts into it and circulate the dust in the bedroom while asleep.

Causes sore muscles

People who usually sleep under fan whiles asleep at night most often feel muscle cramps and noticeable pains in the neck and back among others when they wake up the next morning. The reason is that your body has been exposed to so much cold air.

Leads to dry throat and mouth

Persons who sleep under a running fan experience dry throat and mouth when they wake from their sleep. This is brought about because of exposure to cold air for many hours. It is advisable to drink water when you experience it.

What is the solution?

It is best for persons who sleep under a running fan for long hours at night to consider reducing it. By reducing it, I mean turn the fan off once you feel so much cold in the room. Furthermore, persons with health conditions like asthma, Sinusitis, Pneumonia and allergic attacks should minimize the use of fan at night.

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