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4 Questions That Frighten Men The Most



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In as much as men want compliments from their women, on many occasions, women also want to know if they are being loved and accepted.

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In a committed relationship, oftentimes, as a husband or boyfriend, your partner would like to know your thoughts about her. Below are four (4) top questions men get frighten when asked.

1. “Do you love me?”
As a man, do not get surprised when your woman asks you this question. A woman who loves you would also like to know how much you also love her in return.

Although men sometimes get bored when asked this question, it is an opportunity to express your love for her once again.

2.“What are you thinking about?”
Most men normally tell a lie when asked this question knowing well that, he was thinking about the curvy lady she saw, the football game yet to be played and the likes.

Women usually ask this question after realizing their partner was not following the conversation.

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3. “Do I look fat?”
Although some men like fat women, most men prefer slim ladies. In the course of the relationship, some ladies gain weight due to certain eating lifestyle and other factors.

When your lady asks you this question, she wants to know if you still love her despite her little weight gain.

4. “What would you do if I died?”
A woman who loves you would like to know from you if you will marry another woman when she is no more.

Although men see this question as silly, women are much interested in your response to this question since it can help them ascertain your love for her.


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