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4 Most Popular Food Many Ghanaians Buy In The Morning



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Accra and Kumasi are major cities in Ghana where most people travel from rural areas to settle. These two major cities accommodate about seven million Ghanaians including children.

The two most popular and important markets in Ghana include Makola and Kejetia in Accra and Kumasi respectively. Almost all the raw food products are found in these markets to supply other markets in the region. Ghanaians who travel to these major cities are people who have come there to either work and school.

Thus, these two cities are very busy on a normal week day. People can work till midnight whiles some also wake up as early as 3:00am to begin the day’s work. In order to work hard, everyone needs food. Although many people have their morning favourite, some foods are highly patronized by most Ghanaians in the morning. Let us look at them.

1. Porridge
This is commonly known by many as ‘Hausa Koko’. Although this food is very common in the northern parts of Ghana, it has also been accepted by those in the south. The porridge is made of millet and sold with a loaf of bread or ‘koose’. Surprisingly, it is patronized by all class of people in the community.

2. Waakye
Again, this food is very popular in the north but has become the favourite food of those in the south. There are many people who queue up in the morning just to have a feel of waakye in their mouth before they go to work.

3. Rice and Stew
This type of food is common in the south, but the north still enjoy it. It is the favourite of many Ghanaians particularly in the morning. Normally, rice and stew replaces ‘waakye’ in case the latter is finished at the food joint.

4. Kenkey
The kenkey prepared by the Ga woman is so tasty and fantastic that many people do not want to risk it for anything. In the morning, you will see many people joining a queue to buy this food to consume at breakfast.

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