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Prez Akufo-Addo Recounts 8 Achievements In Education In 2021



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The President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa has enumerated top eight achievements bagged in the year 2021 as the year finally ends today. This article is going to throw light on the 8 major achievements by the President which has been sighted on social media.

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1. Ten brand new V-model STEM SHS schools constructed across the country
Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics education is a new programme introduced by the President under the auspices of the Ministry of Education. According to the president, he has built ten schools to realize this agenda.

2. Over one thousand projects being constructed to support free SHS
As part of increasing the capacities of existing day and boarding senior high schools, the government has constructed dormitories, auditoriums, school blocks, etc. as he plans to eliminate the double track system.

3. Completing 29 E-Blocks
The NPP government has completed 29 out of the many uncompleted E-Blocks which the erstwhile administration started. Aside that also, expansion has been made to the community day schools to include dining halls and dormitories.

4. Provision of school buses, pick-ups and motorbikes for supervisors
In the year 2021,the president purchased numerous buses, pick-ups for senior high schools as well as motorbikes for circuit Supervisors.

5. Professional allowance for teachers
In November 2020, teachers in the Ghana Education Service received their maiden professional allowance and in 2021, the allowance has been paid.6. Equipping Technical Universities with modern state-of-the-art facilities
In the year 2021,the president resourced technical universities to apt their game in their field by procuring modern machines to resource their workshops.7. Provision of Wi-Fi to schools
The agenda to increase Ghana’s digitalization saw the realization of free access to the internet through Wi-Fi. About 700 various public senior high schools, 42 colleges of education and 13 public universities benefited from it.8. Introduction of National Standardized Test
In the year 2021, the Education Ministry conducted the maiden edition of the National Standardized Test for all basic four learners in the public schools.

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