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3 Things that Children In the Nineties used To Do



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In the olden days, many things we used to do today were not like that. Children who were born in the nineties hardly owned a mobile phone or laptop. Although they knew these electrical devises exited through the movies they watched, they had their own way of creating a replica of them.

There are many things today’s children will wonder how some things were done in the nineties. In this 21st century, many things have changed. Civilization is heightened thus, lots of things have been modernized due to ICT and industrialization.

Let us look at three things children in the nineties used to do that today’s children are not aware existed.

1. Creating cars from Milo and milk tins.

In the nineties, only children from rich families owned a proper toy car. On the hand, children from humble homes could not own one, thus, Milo, milk tins among others were beaten flat and assembled to make a nice car with improvised tyres. So, whiles the rich kids enjoy their toy cars, those on the hand will also be driving their Milo tin cars. Case closed.

2. Animal hunting
I remember in the nineties, on weekends, we used to organize ourselves, pick palm nut chaff, a box of matches and a machete to hunt for bush meat like rat and grass cutter. Aside that, we sometimes go for crab hunting. Crab hunting was very risky, on many occasions, my contemporaries were ‘greeted’ by the crabs. I mean they were bitten by the crabs. Those of us who were afraid to hunt the crabs in the hole held the container filled with crabs. On many occasions too, children went for bird hunting in the bush.

3. Going to watch a movie in someone’s room.
Back in the nineties, TVs were not common especially colored TVs. So, children used to walk several kilometers to the nearest rich man’s house to watch a movie. The funny thing was that, sometimes, the TV owner will ask these children to bathe before coming to watch his TV. Sometimes too, some kids doze off and even forget to pick their slippers on their way home.

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