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3 Lecturers Suffer Food Poisoning After Buying Food From Abetifi Market



Three persons have suffered from food poisoning after buying from a food vendor at Abetifi market in the Kwahu East District, Eastern region. Two of the affected persons have recovered so far, whereas the other is receiving treatment at the Presbyterian hospital, Abetifi.

Case 1

According to one of the recovered persons who is a lecturer at the Abetifi College Of Education, UCC Sandwich Programme, he narrated in an interview with BricyBoateng news that, he felt uneasiness accompanied by sharp pains in his abdomen that nearly took his life. This was after eating his waakye that he bought from a food vendor at Abetifi market on Sunday August 29 2021.

After visiting the college’s clinic, his condition was worsened, so he was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. It was there that he was diagnosed of food poisoning. He has since recovered.

Case 2

Another lecturer who teaches Curriculum studies also revealed that he felt similar pains in his abdomen after eating jollof rice he bought from another food vendor in the town about a week ago. He was also diagnosed of food poisoning at the same hospital.

Case 3
Days after the recovering of the lecturers, a colleague lecturer who had already consumed fried rice from another food vendor without being aware of his colleague’s predicament has been rushed to the district hospital where he has been diagnosed of food poisoning. The social science lecturer is currently receiving treatment.


Caution to students

The incidence has however, raised an alarm by the sandwich students of the College to be cautious of the food they buy outside to eat, although they are being fed on campus.

About food poisoning

Food poisoning is the result of eating contaminated, spoiled, or toxic food. Symptoms of food poisoning include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

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