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2024 Base Pay Negotiation: Government Offers 15% While Labour Holds Firm at 60%-65%



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Today marked the commencement of the 2023 base pay negotiations, as the government engaged in discussions with representatives of labor unions to initiate talks concerning the base pay for 2024.

In a pivotal day of negotiations, the government’s initial offer of a 10% base pay increase has seen a significant uptick, now standing at 15%. This move comes amidst government projections that inflation will dwindle to 15% by the close of 2024.

On the other side of the table, Labour’s stance has evolved from an ambitious 75.1% demand to a more pragmatic range of 60%-65%. However, tension remains palpable as labour unions flatly reject the government’s 15% proposition, standing firm on their insistence for the higher bracket.

As the day’s discussions drew to a close, it became evident that a consensus was elusive. Labour unions rejected the 15% offer, setting the stage for further negotiations scheduled for tomorrow. The hope is that both parties can bridge the gap and find common ground.

Looking ahead, the government is optimistic that a consensus can be reached during tomorrow’s discussions. The urgency is underscored by the looming budget deadline on Wednesday, with both sides recognizing the importance of finalizing the base pay adjustments to be incorporated into the budget.

The coming day holds the promise of resolution or further contention, shaping the landscape for the workforce’s financial future. Stay tuned for updates as the negotiation saga unfolds.


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