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16 Items That Should Be Found on Any Genuine GES Appointment Letter



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The Ghana Education Service is the sole employer of every public teacher in the classroom or office by giving them appointment letters. The service is an agency under the Ministry of Education.

The Appointment Letters from the Ghana Education Service is supposed to several information to the employee. This article has been created to help employed teachers and those yet to be teachers to ascertain for themselves whether their appointment letter is fake or original.

If you happen to be recruited by the Ghana Education Service through a protocol, your chances of being given a fake appointment letter is high. Oftentimes i receive messages from followers asking me to show them or tell them how a genuine Ghana Education Service appointment letters looks like.

The following are all the necessary features of a genuine appointment from the Ghana Education Service.

  1. Reference Number
    Every GES appointment letter carries a unique reference number, serving as a distinctive identifier for your appointment record.
  2. Date of Issue of the Letter
    The moment you’ve been waiting for – the date when your appointment letter officially comes into existence.
  3. Appointing Authority
    Clarification on the individual or body responsible for approving and confirming your appointment.
  4. Position to be Appointed to
    Your designated role within the GES hierarchy, outlining the specific position you’ve been selected for.
  5. Effective Date of Appointment
    The commencement date of your official duties within the GES, marking the initiation of your professional journey.
  6. Probationary Period
    Understanding the duration of the probationary period, a crucial phase where your performance is assessed before full confirmation.
  7. Summary of Duties and Responsibilities
    An overview of the tasks and responsibilities associated with your position, accompanied by a detailed job description for reference.
  8. Salary Scale and Entry Point
    Clear information about the salary scale linked to your post, along with the specified salary entry point.
  9. Other Conditions Attached to the Position
    A comprehensive list of additional conditions or requirements associated with your role.
  10. Benefits and Entitlements
    Insights into the various benefits and entitlements that come with your position, ensuring a holistic understanding of your compensation package.
  11. Notification for Exit
    Guidelines on the process and requirements for notifying the institution in the event of your departure.
  12. Social Security Contribution
    Details regarding your social security contributions, where applicable, for your financial planning.
  13. Reference to Relevant Rules and Regulations
    Direct references to the specific rules and regulations governing your conduct and responsibilities within the institution.
  14. Medical Report
    Requirements and procedures related to the submission of a medical report, ensuring your fitness for the role.
  15. Checks (Security, Previous Place of Work, and Referees)
    An acknowledgment of the various background checks conducted, including security, employment history, and references.
  16. Period for Acceptance of the Offer of Employment
    A defined timeframe within which you are expected to officially accept the offer of employment, solidifying your commitment to the role.

In conclusion, your GES appointment letter is more than just a formality; it’s a comprehensive document outlining the terms, conditions, and expectations associated with your role. As you embark on this exciting journey, make sure to thoroughly review each element and seek clarification on any points that may require further understanding. Cheers to a fulfilling career in the Ghana Education Service.

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