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How BECE candidates can appeal for remarking and its deadline



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In a recent discussion, a representative from the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) shed light on a crucial aspect of the examination process—the opportunity for candidates to request a remarking or review of their BECE for School papers or scripts.

According to the official, candidates have a 60-day window after the provisional results are released to initiate this process.

The official emphasized that every candidate holds the right to appeal if they find themselves dissatisfied with the provided results.

The appeal system is designed to address concerns and ensure a fair evaluation of the candidates’ performance. However, the official stressed the importance of following the correct procedure, urging interested BECE students to submit their appeals directly at the nearest WAEC office.

Importantly, candidates were cautioned against engaging with third parties or individuals claiming to be affiliated with the Examinations Council.

This serves as a precautionary measure to maintain the integrity of the appeal process and prevent any potential complications.

As the two-month window opens post-results, this information is vital for candidates seeking a review or reconsideration of their performance. By understanding and adhering to the official channels outlined by WAEC, candidates can navigate the appeal process with confidence and ensure a fair and accurate assessment of their achievements.

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