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10 Questions To Ask Before You Say “I Do”



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A broken relationship, they say is better than a broken marriage. Having said this, is it the responsibility of both parties to be vigilant when choosing a marriage partner and eventually saying “I Do”.

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A lot of single couples during courtship or dating period overlook important signs and ignore the red signals in the name of love or the perception that he’ll change when we marry.

Do not make such an avoidable mistake. If he cannot change even during the dating or courtship period, what is the assurance that he’ll change after you marry him?These questions are to be asked right from the onset of the relationship.

But if you’re still dating or courting, it’s not too late to ask. Expect honest and legitimate answers from him with all seriousness attached to it.

If you cannot trust his answers, then it tells you the kind of man you’re dating or will marry. Don’t be carried away by what you feel for him because the reality will dawn on you after you marry him.

1. What Does Marriage Mean To You?

His answer will let you know how he is going to treat you when you marry him. For some men, marriage is an opportunity to enslave you with house chores and demand so much money, time and submission from you.

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2. What is your religious beliefs?

Religion is crucial in our part of the globe. Most parents desire their children to marry from a certain religion and for that matter a certain church or denomination. Everything he believes is tied to his religion.

3. What is your sex life?

Without necessarily having sexual affair with him to know his sexual life, your man must give you the necessary information you need to know about his past and current sexual life, whether he’s sexually addictive or likes it occasionally.

4. Is he quick to forgive you?

Some men have a hard heart, whereas some have soft hearts. Some have prolonged anger and others, too, short. You may experience this during your dating or courting period. Are you satisfied with him on this matter?

5. Is he the kind of man you want to marry?

We all have our preferences when it comes to choosing a life partner. Does your man fall within your preference? Do you like his appearance, maturity level, age, tribe, educational background, skin colour etc.?

6. Is he good at apologizing?

For some men, apologizing to a lady is a sign of weakness. Pride and arrogance make it difficult, or should I say impossible for him to admit and apologize for any wrongdoing.Don’t take things for granted because it will have an adverse repercussion later in your marriage. By then it would be too late.

7. Is weight control important to him?

Whereas some men like fat women, others like skinny. What’s your man’s preference? Some husbands are shy to take their wives out for a walk or events, probably because they’ve gained weight after birth or due to bad eating habits.

If it happens that you gain weight after giving birth to his child/children, will he still be faithful to you?

8. Will you still be faithful to me after ten years of marriage without a baby?

To avoid your heart being broken, which can make you do a lot of crazy things, ask him this question and expect an honest answer. This can be avoided by both checking your fertility status before marriage.

9. Will you make me quit my job after marrying you?

Some men want their future wife to be a housewife after they give birth. Others will allow theirs to quit their job if they see it is so demanding, but will provide a less demanding job for you. Either way, you should come to terms on this subject.

10. How much influence do your parents have on you?

Is your potential husband so attached to his mom or dad? Is he daddy’s son or mommy’s son? Between you and his mom, who does he listen to oftentimes?Some husbands are still bound by the wishes of their mothers so much that they seldom listen to their wife.

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